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Pausing to read everything hidden in the background is totally worth it. I love your sense of humor!

Funniest one I've seen thus far!

That was so adorable! Is it wrong of me to laugh at the little flame running around screaming for it's life? If so, would it make you feel better knowing my afterthought was "Run, Charmander, RUUUUUUN!" ? xD

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Gameplay is okay. My real issue is that it appears to have an "E" rating. If this isn't just something on my screen then I think it should be at least a "T" for the storyline content. Yes the graphics are very mild but still the overall "assassinate then cut of the heads" deal is not for children.

I already love your randomness so much in these games, but I'd have to say here quoting Mushu just did me in xD

PuffballsUnited responds:

:D I'm glad you picked up on that

Really like the animations and more so the storyline!

Putting difficulty aside (heck I'm using a mousepad anyway so it's my fault really), it would be awesome to have checkpoint saves for when someone leaves and comes back to finish the game later rather than having to start all over again. On that note returning back to a previous area in case something wasn't picked up (like the rare ore) would be immensely helpful.

Excellent game overall cause even though it can get annoying dying repeatedly the story and graphics beg for one to continue to see what happens next.

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It's level is way too high on the synth organ effect and too low at the end to hear the other notes properly. Try compressing this at the very least if you want anything done with it.

I really like the old school feel to it ^^ nice going

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Tell me honestly if you can that the TMNT arcade game had nothing to do with this? xD

SexyDropbear96 responds:


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One of the coolest combos in the whole game, love it! Even more so that Mewtwo isn't even holding the guns xD

BluDragoon responds:

They forgot to accommodate his three fat fingers when the guns were custom made :3

I love what you did with the eyes.

She looks amazing, can't wait to see the colored version. Character description sounds pretty promising too.

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